AMB Super Hedge GBPAUD Video Strategy Tester

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Super AutoTrade
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Currency Pair
Time Frame
Broker Recommended
Regulated: NFA, CFTC, FCA, ASIC.
Make sure the broker allow Hedge Strategies

User Recommended:
  1. Professional Business 
  2. Professional Traders 

Difficulty Level of Implementation
Easy to Install and User Friendly
First Activation Open Trade
On time Open Market EUROPA

Minimum Deposit:
  1.   0.01 Lot =        100USD 
  2.   0.10 Lot =     1.000USD 
  3.   1.00 Lot =   10.000USD 
  4. 10.00 Lot = 100.000USD 
Risk management:
  1. Leverage 1:100 Recomended 
  2. Take Profit 450  up to 1.000 point 
  3. Stop Loss 750 up to 51.000 point 
  4. PIP Step 350 up to 1200 point 
  5. Maximum Trade 0 up to 5 Trade 

All Parameters Can Be Different
For Each Price Interval
Trading Decisions Artificial Intelligence

  1. Moving Averages 
  2. Price Direction 
  3. Parabolic Stop And Reverse System 
  4. Moving Averages Convergence-Divergence 
  5. Stochastic Oscillator 
  6. Williams' Percent Range 
  7. Money Flow Index 
  8. Commodity Channel Index 
  9. Bollinger Band, etc
  1. Computer or Laptop with Operating System
  2. Internet Connection
  3. MetaTrader 4 with Account Trading
  4. AMB Super Hedge GBPAUD

What You See is What You Get

Backtest AMB AutoTrade GBPAUD 2013 to 2018
No Hidden Trick

Now available AMB Super Hedge GBPAUD
Guarantee Of Your Choice
Empowered Money With Best Strategy
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