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Maybe you have used EA or Expert Advisor to manage your trading account, you may want to know how can EA works, while when you get EA either way to buy or for free, you've got the proof that EA has been profitable. And when you activate the EA on your account, why do not you get the benefits like the EA performance you've seen before.

Let's take a moment to look at the graph on MT4, you will see the chart move up or down at any time, the graph is silent only if your connection is disconnected from your broker server, EA reads chart movement and will open a transaction at market prices in accordance with EA. Each EA must have parameters to make trading decisions. Now we need to see and prove, maybe the parameters have been read EA in the best way?.

EA should be informative when receiving signals and write it in the comment field, so EA users become convinced that EA has worked according to predefined parameters even if the trade is a loss. We are trading with a reason to make a profit, although we know that every trade is at risk of loss. Because we never know what will happen to the market in the future. EA Opening trading should have a reason. Is the signal because the market is strengthened or plate. We think so.

It is very risky if the EA works randomly and enters the market with a signal that does not provide trade records. This condition can be risky because EA will work continuously enter the market without knowing for certain whether EA has worked according to EA paramater.

AMB Expert Advisor

If we move the mouse at the red Arrow point on the chart, a trade note will appear when AMB does an Open Trade SELL, data recorded dj210 T-7V-58W-63-1-0 which is also listed in the comment column.

The green arrow indicates the Volt -49 to -70 parameter
(Volt on the comment column V-58 means that it is within the Volt parameters interval),
and WPR -62 to -68 parameter
(WPR in the comment column is W-63 meaning that it is still within the WPR parameter interval).
The yellow arrow indicates the Order number.
The Violet arrow indicates that the note in the comment column is the same as the note on the graph.

With note in comment column, we are as trader gets information that AMB has worked according to the parameters that have been set. Note in the Comment column can give traders confidence that AMB is working properly.

Now, how do you think about AMB Expert Advisor is able to record trade in accordance with the parameters you want, or do you think that it is impossible to do as do AMB Expert Advisor to work in accordance with your wishes.

AMB Expert Advisor Smile No Hidden Trick Just for You and Thanks a Lot.

Happy trading.

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