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Introduction About Scripts
EA AMB is an auto pilot script to be used for trading automatically, We have built this system since November 2011. We can explain the method of development of this script are: 
  1. Register and open a Real Account at Forex Broker 
  2. Do online trading with manual 
  3. With various trading techniques and 
  4. Use many indicators, 
  5. Evaluation of Performance Manual trading and 
  6. Choosing the best trading techniques that might be translated into the auto pilot script. 
After years of observing and we feel confident that our manual trading methods are possible to apply and write the best trading methods into the MQL language. We continue to work hard to update the script for high performance. We have developed "system" and in trial process of trading technique, used real account until this system is formed with the best performance and we have completed auto pilot experts Advisor AMB Arinton Maratuah Baramuda.

Rationale and Idea "Auto Pilot-EA AMB" 
  • The forex market continues to tick all the time and to observe continuously of the market, more energy and thought are needed, including time. While the "opportunity probability factor" for profit and loss restrictions will be missed, if an auto pilot system can work and apply the best and high performing trading techniques, will be better. 
  • We also have learned the fundamentals of trading, so we complement this "sistem" with indicators and then we make as a reference for open trade. 
  • Various ways we do to build the best Auto Pilot system, so it can be used user friendly. 
  • Our tester strategy, has been done for the last 5 years and you can see on the video we have published so that the public can assess the feasibility of this system to be applied and reasonable 
Implementation of Auto Pilot 
  • When implementing Auto Pilot application, often occurs when EA AMB parameters have been determined with acceptable levels of risk, but due to psychological factors namely "emotions and expectations" to get bigger profits, so you would like to change those parameters, perhaps by enlarging the "Lot" that could have an impact on increasing the risk of capital, will result in greater losses, so we need to remind you that in the application usage, make optimal parameters with the risks you may receive. Then during EA AMB activation, we suggest that in setting EA AMB parameters, it has been tested within a certain time period so that you can avoid failure and loss. Currently we are not talking about the possible gains. 
  • Adding multiple currency pairs, as the balance is getting bigger, we recommend that you do not do it while your account still has open trades. If you later notice that your balance has risen and you want to add another currency pair to be managed by EA AMB, then we advise you to close all open trades so that your account will "not trade" or balance amount = total equity. We are not talking about your "margin level", we are talking about the health of your account. 
  • If you want to open 2 or more new currency pairs, then you should test each new currency pair that will be managed by EA AMB, you must make sure that you have made the most appropriate parameters and the level of loss you can receive. After the parameters are correct and according to your wishes then activate the EA AMB sequentially with a certain time interval. Do not forget to save your parameters for each currency pair. In case of restart or hangs on hardware or "software conflicts", you only need to call the parameters you have saved. 
  • (Strategy tester) drawdown level you can do on TF H4, H1, M30, M15, M5 with a minimum time interval of 4 years. If your VPS or Latop restarts or hangs, you just need to load the parameters you have saved. But to make sure the parameters are to your liking, then you should "Strategy tester" again. If you are still not sure you can contact us, we can create custom parameters for you, So if your VPS or Laptop (hardware) restarts, you do not have to make any arrangements, you just activate EA AMB and it will work fine. If you are having trouble doing EA AMB tester to get high performance, you can contact us. We will try to do our best for you. 
  • To view EA AMB working normally or inactive, you can see the "Experts and Journals" menu at the bottom of your metatrader. If the message line is not running or stop, then you can refresh the application by closing the currency pair screen that is not working and reopen then install EA AMB. Avoid activating EA AMB at the same trading hour, see market opening at start time. 
  1. AUDCAD can be activated at the opening of the AUSTRALIA or CANADA market 
  2. EURUSD can be activated at the opening of the EUROPE or USA market 
  3. USDJPY can be activated at the opening of the ASIA or USA market 
  4. USDCAD can be activated at the opening of the USA or CANADA market 
  5. And so on 
Recommended Broker 
You can open a trading account on a broker with high credibility listed on NFA, CFTC and etc. But we do not advise any brokers, yet.

Recommended User
Auto pilot is devoted to anyone who does not have full time for trading forex and whoever you are not familiar with various indicators of trading signals. If you are a professional and want to do business in the forex market without spending all your time looking at market movements, we suggest you have an "auto pilot or experts advisor". And of course your time can still be used for other activities, you just need to monitor the progress of your account, while EA AMB will work for you.

Our Expectations 
We have completed the information about "EA AMB" at, you can read and video tester you can see and thoroughly. We as EA AMB developers will never affect you. And our hope is if you have EA AMB by buying from us or we give it for free, You do not need to influence the others people to buy EA AMB. For "The good of The General Public" who do not or do not yet understand about the risks of online trading

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