How to order and Guarantee

How to order
  1. You can order this Auto Pilot system only by contacting us via email "" or through this link AMB Expert Advisor. We will send EA AMB EX4 in the form of compiled script (EX4 extension) to your email address, The Source Code is Not for Sale.
  2. If you have ordered AMB Expert Advisor, then we will request some data from you that we use to create your own patent on EA AMB. The patent is granted to those of you who have purchased the appropriate price on the website.
  3. Trade codes will be customized with your identity and AMB Expert Advisor ownership will show as your desired name. So you become the rightful owner of AMB Expert Advisor
  4. You do not have to buy the appropriate price, you can still order by donating to support development of AMB Expert Advisor to the future. Even if you can not afford to buy or donate, you can still have AMB Expert Advisor just by contacting us, and making your plan in terms of usage. Of course the warranty does not apply, and you do not have AMB Expert Advisor patent.
  5. And we are still open for your expectation, if you can not afford to buy AMB Expert Advisor with price standard, just send your email to
  1. Guarantee Class:
    • AMB Economize Using Only 1 AMB Expert Advisor Price $2000USD valid 1 Year Guarantee
    • AMB Modest, using Only 2 AMB Expert Advisor with Price $2000USD valid 2 Month Guarantee
    • AMB Professional, using 6 or more AMB Expert Advisor Price $2000USD Without Guarantee.
  2. The refund warranty will be processed immediately after you provide transaction details so we can ensure that failure is due to AMB Expert Advisor performance or your mistake in creating parameters. 
  3. If the failure caused by AMB Expert Advisor with standard parameters, in this condition you are entitled to 100% guarantee after reduced taxes or administrative fees bank or paypal administrative fees prevailing.
  4. If the parameter does not conform to the standard will have an impact on the loss of Guarantee. 
  5. We provide warranty during use in accordance with predefined parameters. If the parameter does not conform to the standard will have an impact on the loss of Guarantee.  

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