Terms of use

AMB Super Hedge expert Advisor, required information as follows:
  1. Number of your trading account (maximum 3 account numbers)
  2. Your forex broker name 
Without data completeness, you will not be able to activate AMB Expert Advisor on your account trading.

After we receive your data, we will make setting parameters on your account.
  1. Once we have completed custom parameter settings for your account, this process takes several days, maybe 1 day to 5 days even maybe up to 1 month. We will do our best service.
  2. If you want support to create parameters according to your own strategy, We will make your custom parameters.
  3. Although your account is your own and is your right, we do not recommend mixed strategies (AMB Super Hedge + Manual Trade), if your trading spirit is highly motivated (psychology trading), and due to expectation to achieve high profits in a short time, We remind you to keep your spirit And remain consistent with your trading strategy that you have set in the parameters from the beginning.
  4. Warning "do not use mixed strategy (AMB Super Hedge + manual trade)" when you activate this application.
  5. If you want to do manual trading, please open a new trading account as a medium to pour your trading spirit.
  6. Because once you do and mixed your trading manual with AMB Super Hedge strategy, this is your so consequent: 
    • If you have 100% warranty, Warranty is void.
    • You will get a moment's pleasure  and High risk awaits for you.
  7. If you have other trading account and needs to be activated AMB Super Hedge, please, do not hesitate contact us to get AMB Super Hedge with custom settings for your new account.
  8. If you have achieved profit according to your target, you can disable AMB Super Hedge, you need to clear all trades (Close all Trade), this action we recommend, so while doing next aktivate will be more flexible. And you will not be affected by past trading positions. This action will make you more refreshed and not affected (psychological) by past trading. But if you do not want to close all your trades is your right.
  9. After withdrawal when can AMB Super Hedge start activating, we suggest that you give the time period for coffee break and enjoy your trade result (withdrawal), Why, because when you make a withdrawal and close all trades, at that time you actually have made a decision that you have reached the target and need to take a break from the pressure of trading psychologist because after all the psychological impact will probably affect you, during breaks from trading activities, you can do something activity that can make you happy with your family or friends. Withdraw your profits and be grateful.

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